TIGI Clothing


Browse through our attractive and casual clothing department which is available throughout the seasons. Whether your buying a little treat for yourself or buying for special someone, we have great a choice of clothes. Our department stocks well known names such as: Jack Daw, TIGI, Jane Austin and Grace.

For the great outdoors we stock: wellington boots and gloves which you will find in our Garden Care department. 

Jackdaw Clothing

Men's Clothing 

Browse through our mens range collection. From shirts to body warmers, coats to wax jackets, polo shirts to leather wallets, belts to hats and shoes to slippers, we are sure that you will walk away with a little something. 

TIGI Clothing
Jane Austin
TIGI Clothing

Women's Clothing 

Get lost in our clothes collection. We stock leading UK brands such as TIGI clothing, Jane Austin and Grace to name a few! From handbags to chiffon scarfs, shopping bags to belts, purses to t-shirts and trousers to waterproof coats, we have a great collection for you to choose from. 

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