Nursery Tunnel

The Nursery 

We have been running our nursery longer than our Garden Centre, to this day we still grow 70% of our plants. The reason for doing this? So we can make sure our plants are the highest quality they can be. We have highly trained team members who are passionate about what they do, they won't let anything out of the nursery and into the Garden Centre that hasn't gone through our quality check. As we have that commitment in place it insures that the plants you buy from us will be long lasting, providing the care they get once in your gardens. 

Nursery Garden Centre tunnel

Garden Centre Nursery Tunnel
Potting in a Nursery Tunnel

Ready made plant pots

Seasonal plants and flowers are also grown in our nursery. We love putting together ready made plant pots and hanging baskets which you can find in the Garden Centre. 

Ready made Hanging baskets

Lavender growing in a Nursery Tunnel

Nursery tunnel

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