Welcome to our newly developed House Plant department  

Our House Plants department selection offers a good range to suit everyones individual taste. We have a mixture of lush green and stunning colour plants. From the most popular indoor plant in the UK (Orchids) to foliage plants, we have a good range. House plants make a house a home and any room more bright and colourful. House Plants certainly bring some energy and life into your home, they also help to oxygenate a room and keep you focused. 

House Plants

House Plant Care

The plants can vary with the seasons but most house plants are all year round. It is very important that your indoor plants have the right amount of light, soil, moisture, temperature and humidity to make sure your plants thrive. You must also need to make sure your plants have the right sized plant pot. At Laylocks we stock house plant compost in our house plant section. 

Our friendly staff are always available to help out with any advise if you are unsure of what you are looking for. 

House Plants

House Plants

House Plants

pot covers

A variety of pot covers which suit all plants 

Pot covers can enhance the way a plant is displayed. Make sure you select one that keeps the plant in good condition and also matches your room décor. Our house plants section offers a selection of pots.

House Plant Pot Covers

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