Garden Tools

Garden Care

Laylocks Garden Centre is a one stop shop for all your gardening needs. We pride ourselves on being able to offer every customer the care and tools they need to maintain a healthy vibrant garden. Whether you are a newbe to the gardening scene or an expert, we have all the supplies you need. Browse through our vast collection from watering cans to wellies, plant food to lawn edging, hanging baskets to plant trays and much more. 

Need help and advice on whats best for your gardening needs? Well our trusty and friendly team members will be there to help you.

Evergreen Chemicals

Garden Chemicals 

We offer an excellent range of gardening care to help your garden to grow, to keep it looking green, to be weed and pest free. We do this by offering a variety of feeds and sprays, such as: weed killers, garden chemicals, fertiliser, manure and pest repellent to name a few.



Along with looking after your grass, your feet are just as important! Garden comfy in our great footwear range. You'll have a choice of: slip ons, ankle boots and wellies, both men and womens. We also stock garden kneelers to make your gardening experience extra comfy!

Garden Tools


Whether you need tools for a small task or a heavy duty task in the garden, we have the tools for it. We have a great choice of equipment. We stock tools such as rakes, hoes, pruning tools, spades, hosepipes and its equipment and lots more! We pride ourselves on stocking the most high quality tools to make you gardening experiences enjoyable, meaning you can buy with confidence in the knowledge that you are investing in tools that have been created to not only do a great job but to last a long time. 

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