The BIG Development

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What Will The New Development Be Used For?

In spring 2020 you will see a brand new retail shopping area. This will be a space of 470 square meters meaning 50% more shop floor! This is a huge step for us to make Laylocks Garden Centre into more of a destination whilst keeping the traditional feel to it. We will still grow 60% of our plants on site and maintain the highest quality, which we have always prided ourselves on. 

This is such an exciting time for our family run Garden Centre. We will be able to offer wider retail ranges in many of our departments. The development will be predominantly used for a seasonal department. You will find a much larger range of Garden furniture, BBQs and outdoor living in the summer months and an inspiring Christmas Department to look forward to every year. We will also increase other departments within the Garden Centre and these will be announced as we move forward with the Development. 

The Development will improve the ambience and the appearance of the Garden Centre, allowing you to have a much more enjoyable and improved shopping experience with us. 

Expansion of Retail departments

Improved Ambience & Appearance 

Better Customer Shopping Experience

How Did We Get Here?

Martin opened Laylocks in 1981 predominantly as a nursery. Over the next coming years Martin wanted to sell the plants onsite and insure the highest of quality. In 1986 Martin expanded the nursery with his first retail greenhouse and slowed down on selling the plants to the trade and started selling to the public. The nursery moved into a Garden Centre and has steadily grown since.

Why Are We Expanding?

Fast forward to 2017 and Martins daughter Hannah joined the business. Hannah has been learning the ropes of the business ever since and has been gradually getting more involved with the Garden Centre. This shop development has been driven by Martin & Hannah and is the first stage of their long term goal for the Centre. 

'I am extremely excited to be apart of the family business and to work alongside my Dad. I'm so proud of how far the Garden Centre has come over the last 30 years and the reputation is has built with it's customers. I cannot wait to drive the centre forward and bring it into the 21st century but keeping the same values that we have always had from the beginning.' - Hannah 

How Will The New Building Look?

We want the new development to be in keeping with our current Garden Centre structure but with a modern approach. The new building will be double in height of our current Venlo roof. It will have two apex pitches with the front of the structure being completely glazed, as you can see with the drawing below. 

Keep Up to Date with the Progress of the Development 

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