Starting May 5th!

There’s no minimum order but please follow the step by step guide. We are aware we haven’t got an online shop at the moment, but we will be posting a lot of items available on here. But we are 95% stocked and have most things that every other garden centre would have ☺️

Please use the form below to create your order and then wait up to 48 hours to be contacted by one of our team members. 

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Packs of Bedding  

£3.49 or 3 for £10 

Begonias: mix, red, pink, white (packs of 4)

French Marigolds: yellow, orange, mix (packs of 6)

Cosmos: white, red, pink (pack of 4)

Silver Dust (pack of 4)

Antirrhinums LARGE plants 5inch pots (pink or read) £4,99 or 3 for £13

Dianthus (pack of 6)

Calceolaria Yellow (pack of 4)  

Violas: several colours (pack of 6) 

Patio Plants £4.49 LIMITED STOCK

Osteospermum: white/blue, yellow, lemon, purple, rose, red, pink

Argyranthemum Yellow, white, pink

Bidens: Orange 

Nemesia: Pink, Berries & Cream, Yellow/pink

Hanging Basket Plants 

£2.49 each buy 10 for 11th Free

Bacopa: White & Pink

Diascia: Pink, Orange 

Lysimachia: Yellow Foliage 

Scaevola: Blue & Pink 

Nepeta variegated 

Brachyscome: Blue 

Verbena: Pink, white, red, purple 

Sanvitalia Yellow Flowers 

Trailing Petunias: White, yellow, blue, red, pink 

Calibrachoa (million bells) White, pink, blue, orange

Bush geraniums (in flower) and pelargoniums Buy 5 get 1 Free! £4.49 

Bush geraniums colours: Red, white, orange, pink, purple 

Younger bush geraniums (in the green) packs of 4 plants £5.99 two for £10 

Fuschias trailing and bush £2.49 buy 10 get 1 Free 

Ivy trailing geraniums £2.49 (limited stocks) 

Nonstop begonias £4.49, buy 5 get 1 free 

Several colours 

Trailing begonias £4.49, buy 5 get 1 free 

Red, pink, apricot 

Trailing petunias £2.49 buy 10 get 1 free


Our most popular composts are available via click and collect. 

Miracle Multi-purpose £6.99 buy 2 for £12 

(Ideal for potting, it has slow release feed in) 

Levington Original XL £6.99 buy 2 for £13.00 

(Ideal for seed sowing and potting) 

Sylva Grow £7.99 or buy 2 for £14.00

(Peat free and sustainable, seed sowing & potting) 

Tomorite Grow Bags £4.99 or buy 3 for £12 

(Ideal for tomatos, peppers) 

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