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Bird Care

We recognise that we are a nation of bird lovers, so browse our bird care collection and be sure to find something for are feathered friends. From seed feeders to peanut mix, bird tables to mealworms and peanut feeders to bird sunflower seeds, we have it all to encourage the birds into our gardens or outdoor spaces 

Bird Seeds


We have a variety of feeds for our friendly birds. We stock a mixture of: seed mix, peanut mix, fat snax, mealworms, Nyger seed and sunflower seeds to name but a few. 

Multi bag of bird seeds
mealworms, fat balls, bird feeders

bird tables, wooden bird tables
Bird Tables

Bird Tables 

We have a selection of bird tables which can soon become a centre piece to your garden. Sit back relax ad watch the birds come in.

Bird feeders

Bird Feeders

Choose the feeder which you believe is right for you. The seed feeders come in all different shapes and sizes which will fit perfectly into your garden. 

bird feeders

wild bird care

Wild Creatures 

As well as looking after our wild birds. Lets take care of our Bees, Butterflies, Insects, Hedgehogs and Bats. In our bird care collection we have a variety of smaller houses for the smaller creatures which will soon make your garden their new home.

wild bird care, insect houses

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