Aquatic Plants


Whether you are looking for fish food or pond pumps, our aquatic collection has everything you need to build a fish pond ready for your new swimming friends. Browse through our collection and you will be sure to find the equipment you were looking for. From fish aid to food, pond liners to pond barley and fishing nets to hoses we cover it all. 

The fish are in their new home. So now it's time to make your pond area look the part. We have lots of different decorative items such as: water features, woodstock chimes and floating lilies to name new. Let us help you get creative! 

Small Koi Fish


Browse our variety of small fish. We stock: different types of Goldfish, small Koi and shubunkins. Subject to seasonal availability. 

Water Lilies for the pond


Need to decorate your pond before the fish go in? We stock many different items to help you do so. Our Aquatic collection covers, aquatic plants, aquatic compost, oxygenating plants and waterlily's to name a few.

Pet Care

Dog Treats

Are you looking to treat a well behaved pet? We have a good selection of treats waiting for you to praise them. Our selection is mostly for our dog lovers but who doesn't love rewarding our furry friends?

Wicker Dog Beds

Dog Beds

Looking for a comfy bed for your dog? We have a good selection of dog beds both wicker and soft available to you.

Dog Treats

Treats and Toys

We have a good selection of gifts for your dog. From pet toys to treats and training pads to poop bags. Browse our selection and find the prefect gift for your beloved four legged friends. 

Soft Dog Beds

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