In 2016 we raised £1,875 for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

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Midlands Air Ambulance is a charity close to our hearts and we have been supporting it for over 5 years. Every year, all proceeds made via santas grotto go straight to the charity. But in 2016 we decided we wanted to give more to charity. So we planted over 3 acres of sunflowers. We sold each stem for £1 with seeds being sold as bird feed to raise further funds.


In the first week we sold over 150 sunflowers. In total we raised a brilliant sum of £1,875. As we did so well and raised so much for such an important charity, we have reseeded our fields as we want to carry on raising money in 2017. 

Cliff Wood, who has worked at our Garden Centre for over 30 years, visited the charity's Strensham airbase to present the donation to the aircrew.

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